Infirmary ( School-Clinic)

School nurse is the first medical contact person in school, stationed in the school clinic in the lobby. She is responsible for the first aid care and will direct emergencies externally when needed in communication with the receptionist. She also plays an important role in prevention. There are posters with her picture and contact information around the school.

学校的医务室位于大厅。校医/护士负责学校的所有急救事宜,必要时,她也会请前台人员共同联系医院,转诊受伤人员到当地医院进行护理 。校医/护士在体现学校群体关注疾病预防方面的问题,也发挥重要作用。学校各个地点都贴有校医/护士的照片和联系方式,便于教职工、家长和学生与她联系。

School nurse – Winnie Zhang